2015 Bathroom Design Trends to Utilize in your Home Renovations

2015 Bathroom Design Trends to Utilize in your Home RenovationsAre you one of the many homeowners ready to conduct home renovations on your bathroom but are unsure of which route to take? If your design ideas are not set in stone, we suggest considering some of these top 2015 bathroom design trends:

  • Many homeowners are shifting towards a more contemporary looking bathroom. This means less clutter and more simplicity. Rather than having all of your perfumes displayed on the counter, people are starting to look for alternative storage solutions that allow them to hide all of their belongings.
  • Homeowners looking to relax are turning towards soaking tubs and leaving the rain showers in the past. Homeowners are excited that bathtubs are finally being manufactured to fit adults and love the idea of soaking after a long day in the office.
  • The trend setting bowl sinks are in the past as counters with legs are making their way in to the spot light. However, homeowners looking to de-clutter are torn because the leggy counters are making it more difficult to complete this task.
  • The old trend of “all white” everything, is beginning to fade. Rather than having your walls white, cabinets white, and everything in between white, try some shades of gray! Gray is a great way to spice things up a bit without getting too extravagant. Mix it up and use dark gray, light gray, and even shades of charcoal.
  • The days of the subway tile are finally behind us as black tiles are making their way to the forefront. Black tile can significantly boost the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

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