Make a Good First Impression With a Clean Building

Make a Good First Impression With a Clean BuildingRegardless of what you do for a living you can be sure that your clients are going to judge your business based on the state of your building. The first impression is key and when inviting a potential client to your office you need to make sure that it is presentable. Here are some tips to help you impress clients with a presentable building.

  • Avoid allowing your client to walk straight into your workspace. A reception area is a great way to separate clients from your workspace and allow them to relax and wait for you in a clean and professional waiting area.
  • Stay organized and put any loose files and papers away into filing cabinets. Working with a scanner can help you organize your documents on your computer and keep your workstation as clean looking as possible.
  • Dedicate a closet to storing your cleaning supplies so they can be at hand any time you need them. Keep cleaning essential like rubbing alcohol, paper towels, and other common office cleaning supplies put away and make sure your employees know where to find them.
  • Make sure to clean your office space before having any clients enter. Use wipes to clean off any dust or grime from your desk and any surrounding furniture.
  • Put yourself in your client’s shoes and travel around your office while studying your surroundings to see what cleaning work needs to be done in your office. Is that stain on your window really professional?
  • This brings us to our last but still very important tip. Make a good impression and wow customers by keeping your windows clean and spotless from the inside out.

Let the professionals at Advantage Property Services help you create a great impression for your clients. Keeping a well-maintained building is important for professionals and our team of expert window washers can help maintain your building with the latest technologies and equipment in window washing. Contact Advantage Property Services today to get those unsightly stains off your window and create a more inviting space for your business.