Make Your Wallet Happy With 5 Home Improvement Tips

Make Your Wallet Happy With 5 Home Improvement TipsAs the costs of cooling and heating are on the rise, homeowners are looking for ways to lower the price of their next electricity bill. A simple eco-friendly home improvement project can help reduce your carbon footprint and can make your wallet happy in the process. Cut the costs of cooling and heating with these 5 home construction tips to increase the efficiency of your home appliances.

  1. A home energy audit is the first step for your eco-friendly construction process. Hire a professional to check for air leaks and energy transfer in your household. This is the best way to identify the weak points of your home and to check that all of your appliances are running as efficiently as possible.
  2. Make your home more energy efficient by checking for any leaks or drafts in your home. Any poor sealing on your windows and doors can allow for cold air to leak out of your home causing a rise in your energy bill. Seal any gaps or air leaks with caulking or by leaving a draft catcher under your door.
  3. Lower your energy costs by replacing your windows with glass that is better insulated. Sunlight can magnify through your windows and heat up your home, causing you to crank up the AC. Any kind of tinted or treated glass will reduce heat from coming in and will help you better control the climate in your home.
  4. Install insulation in the warmest parts of your home like the attic or garage. Reflective insulation can help you stop heat from the sun coming into your home.
  5. Grow an eco-friendly lawn with native plants that do not need as much water. A smaller amount of grass will reduce the amount of water and fertilizer you need to upkeep you lawn.

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