Parking Lot Sweeping

Let Advantage Property Services make sure your parking lot is swept regularly. If you want to attract tenants or customers to your property, then you need to consider how the entire property looks. We will customize a plan that caters to the type of property you own, while making sure it also fits your budget.

Our top of the line trucks with low noise output can clean up any of the dirt, debris, or garbage that may be in your parking lot. We can sweep up spills, blown leaves, or any construction-related debris.

Worker with a tool belt.
Before you restripe your parking lot, let us make sure that the entire area is clean. You invest a lot in your property, and we’ll make sure that it always looks its best.

Advantage Property Services is the only maintenance service that you’ll ever need for your property. With our one-stop shopping approach to property maintenance, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that your property is cared for from the front gate to the back gate.