Window Washing

Advantage Property Services has a team of experienced window washers who will make your windows shine. Whether you want to wash your windows on an annual or semi-annual basis, or need to have our crews undo the damage of vandals, our expert window washing crew can take care of it all:

  • Spot free water fed pole cleaning for the high or hard to reach windows.
  • Standard window cleaning – inside and out.
  • Calcium removal
  • Screen restoration


Don’t let those unsightly bird droppings, dirty rain water stains, or splashes from traffic tarnish an otherwise pristine-looking property. We’ll come right out to wash your windows using the latest window washing equipment and technologies. We follow the strictest safety protocols in the industry to make sure that none of our window washers or any tenant or passerby is hurt because of slippery hard surfaces, or equipment that isn’t securely stowed.

Clean windows are an important feature of a well-maintained property. They will draw in potential renters, as well as bring in customers to your current tenant’s businesses.