Thanksgiving Safety And Statistics

Thanksgiving Safety And StatisticsThanksgiving means the warmth of being surrounded by family and friends! For some, however, that warmth may be more literal as they experience a home fire during the holiday. Here is some Thanksgiving fire statistics and some simple safety tips that can help keep you safe during the holiday season!

Thanksgiving Fire Statistics:

  • Almost two thousand residential fires are reported to fire departments nationwide on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Thanksgiving Day fires cause about 5 deaths, 25 injuries, and 21 million dollars in property damage each year.
  • At 69 percent, cooking is the leading cause for Thanksgiving Day fires.
  • The leading factor that causes Thanksgiving Day cooking fires is the misuse of a material or product, such as keeping flammable objects too close to heat sources.
  • In 20 percent of Thanksgiving Day fires, there were no smoke alarms present in the home.
  • Having a smoke alarm reduces your chance of fire-related injury or death by nearly half!

Safety Tips:

  • Stay in the kitchen when cooking to monitor and check the food regularly.
  • Keep children away from the stove and other dangerous heating sources.
  • Keep the floor clear of clutter to prevent trips and falls.
  • Do not leave candles or fireplaces unattended.
  • Install a smoke alarm near your kitchen and make sure your other smoke alarms are working by testing them and replacing old batteries.
  • Unplug any unnecessary appliances to avoid electrical mishaps.
  • Avoid wearing loose or dangling clothing when you are cooking so that you do not get caught on something or catch your clothing on fire.
  • Keep all flammable objects like potholders and towels away from heat sources.

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